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I hate getting these forwarded chain letters. I hate them. They make me instantly angry.  “Because I care so much about you and want you to have good fortune, I am sending you this chain letter. If you do not send it on to at least 10 people in 10 mins then bad fortune will follow you. Its because I care that I send you this, see it has a picture of a kitty.”  It makes me want to pull my hair out. If you truly cared you would at least put “chain letter” in the header so I can dump it before I opened it. Then you wouldn’t get the bad luck, and I wont have seen it so I don’t get the bad luck. The stupid thing would then end and hopefully the dumb ass who first decided to send it would just get the bad luck. They deserve it.


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Someone, somewhere, once said that their house brought them bad luck. I may have laughed it off a bit. I am not so sure now. I think we live in a bad luck house. I do believe in fung shui. At least the basics of it. Cluttered house brings clutter into your life. If you feel yucky in the house then your life can feel yucky. I have been thinking of this as our tiny little house gets more and more cluttered and bad luck seems to keep coming our way. No amount of positive thinking, getting excited about the future seems to help. Heck, even our front door opens on to a Door! How is good fortune supposed to get in?  The way our British Semi-detached is built you wouldn’t know where the front door is. If you stood outside and looked you would think it was one huge house and the neighbors door is the front. Ours is along side the house, looks like a side entrance. Not very inviting. Especially as the cars are parked in a line up the front door. So you step out into that.

We need to get our house up to snuff and get it on the market. The British home market is slowing down. Not a grinding halt yet, but a slowdown for sure. We have a mountain of yard work ahead of us. Two years of not being able to get out there. A good year of not giving a crap didn’t help  either. I just hope we have a nice Spring because if its like last year we are doomed.

There will be two of us at least selling in our little corner of the cul-de-sac. Our neighbors across the way are moving to New Zeland about the same time we want to move to the States. It will be a bit of a competition. Nervous about all this. Their front door opens to a hallway, not another door.

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