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I have to admit that most of my adult life I have hated Christmas. It always felt like the world was rubbing my nose in the fact that I was single. I didn’t get married until I was I was 35, so I spent many years watching everyone else have “family fun” or telling me that I should be the one to work on Christmas eve  because they have family events and I don’t. So Christmas was never fun. It always felt to expensive. A bit depressing. In my entire adult life I only ever put up one tree, until I move to England.

Now my son is close to 3 and he has discovered Mimiss, that’s Christmas to the rest of us. He loves the Mimiss lights. He loves the Mimiss cards on the wall. He loves the Mimiss tree. The tree that I put whilst he was in nursery as fast as I could so he wouldn’t be into the ornaments. The tree that I threatened to take down if he so much touched, and he hasn’t touched it. He loves the tree. Wait until Christmas morning when he discovers presents. 🙂  Last year he just looked at us like we where crazy to destroy unwrap presents. He didn’t like it at all.

Okay, I get it now. I understand why everyone goes crazy over Christmas. To see it through your child’s eyes makes it fun.


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Nerja, Spain

A few weeks ago we went on our bi-annual holiday to Nerja in the Costa Del Sol, Spain. I had never thought of going to Spain. It had never been on my list of place I must see. But when my husband, then boyfriend, suggested a trip, I jumped at it. Why not? I fell in love. Its all the best of Spain. Small town feel as it was a small fishing village in the past. Touristy enough that you can get by on my limited Spanish. (most of Europe speaks English I have found) And close enough to the Sierra Nevada, which is the mountain range I grew up next to in California. Seeing its namesake is quite a thrill to me in my own stupid way.

Spain feels like home. Spain looks like home. All the new communities in Spain could be anywhere Calfornia. If I would of woken up and told I was in CA I would believe it. As you leave Nerja and head up into the hills of the Sierra Nevadas and head towards Granada you really feel like you are driving between Reno, NV and Carson City, NV. Its strange. It feels familiar. Like home.

I am weird, I know. Its Spain. But when you are an expat you long for anywhere that feels like home. The sense of not belonging can be suffocating at times. You have moments where you just long for something familiar, something that brings you home. In Europe, its Spain for me.

We had a lovely time, my family. Traveling with a two year old was a challenge. Time flew chasing him. We where knackered and would of loved a bit more time. But my son loved it. He loves the Spanish lifestyle. Staying up late, eating tea (dinner) at 10pm, wandering the streets and looking in shops late into the evening. Warmth.  Warm into the night. Even in late May, with the wind blowing hard off the sea onto our apartment, it was warm when we walked the few blocks into town. Bliss. Such a change from our cold life in the UK.

I hope we get back. We thought of this as a sort of farewell trip as traveling from the West Coast of the US to Spain is an expensive and long journey. But it will always be my happy place. A place with some of the best memories of my life. Where we got engaged. Where we went on our 2nd part of our honeymoon.

The Sierra Nevadas from our apartment.

Sierra Nevadas from our apartment

The Med from our window.

the med

Nerja. Balcon de Europe


At night from our Apartment with a full moon

full moon

The little white town on the hill, Mijas Spain

mijas, spain

mijas, spain

From out of nowhere, two legs apeared out the window.


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