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I just have to link this blog. Margaret and Helen. They are so fantastic. Helen and her writing makes me giggle. She says it as she sees it. She is in her 80s. She is wonderful. So if you haven’t already checked out this blog, you should. Keep on writing Helen.


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Happy Birthday to me.

What a birthday. My 2 1/2 yr old son woke me at 6am and promptly started throwing up all over the bed, and me. This went on for the next few hours as we finally fell asleep on the couch. Luckily, he woke a few hours later feeling much better. I, on the other hand, did not. As the day progressed I felt sicker and sicker. I even lost my voice. My sinuses are painful, my throat is sore and I have a tickily cough. What a way to turn another year older.

I am hoping that no one throw up tonight. I am hoping we all get well and are able to have a nice few days next week if the weather turns okay. It was lovely today, it would of been so nice to just have a wander around some National Trust site.

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Just to set the record straight for anyone who is wondering, Americans who live abroad are still Americans. We still care about America. We have the right to vote and we do. I am an American. I live abroad. I love my country and I vote.

I live my life, daily, as a living representative of America. Every time I open my mouth I am no longer a person, but the American. People don’t know my name but know me as the American lady. I am fully aware that I may be the only American the person standing in front of me has ever met, or possibly ever will meet. It was more intense when I first move abroad then it is now. Its still there. I speak, the response is always… you sound American.  Yes, I am an immigrant. I am a foreigner. I am American.

Because I am the living representative of America I have gotten the brunt of the anger from people. It has come as passive aggressive with under toned comments, or plain aggressive. I have had people glare, snarl and tell me to my face that they hate F-ing Americans. I have had people follow me, get excited, and tell me that they love Americans. It evens out. But the anger is there. America has lost its respect from the people who once held it in respect.  The world expects more from us, and frankly, so do I. More so now then ever. Fellow Americans, you may think it doesn’t matter what the world thinks about us, but it does. Very much so.

Right now I am feeling pretty blue about my homeland. This election is a pretty remarkable time. Its fantastic that a black man and a woman are running. Its fantastic that we have progressed. It looks fantastic on the surface. But what I am seeing from way over here, an ocean away isn’t so great. From what I am seeing and hearing are some pretty nasty comments, and disgusting lies.  This election is bringing out the lowest side of us. People are saying and doing things that they would never do. On forums or social sites, they are saying things they would never say to someones face. Its ugly. Its disgusting. Its un-American.

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I am in LOVE!

I admit it. I am a die hard coffee drinker. Always have been. My drink of choice? Vanilla decaf, low fat, heavy heavy foam latte.  Really any creamy frothy coffee. Okay, any coffee will do. Hell, I even enjoy the instant crap that the Brits think is real coffee here in England. Yep, turn on the kettle, and instant cuppa. I love coffee but…

I have found a new love. Rooibos tea.



There is something addictive about it because I can not get enough. No caffeine, high in anti oxidants. Not a black tea, but not sure if it is considered herbal. No matter how long it stews in the pot it doesn’t go bitter.

I will admit that the first few cups I was unsure. This is a very different taste from my normal cuppa. Mild, no bitterness. So I gave it a few days. It grew on me. Either that, or they add something to it. I now am choosing it over coffee. Who would of ever thought. I will say this, I am feeling better for it.  Go on, give it a go.

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Some of the most narrow minded people I have ever met live their lives truly believing that they are the most open minded, worldly people on the planet. They believe that they are in a class of just a few who are as open minded as themselves. If your opinion differs from them at all you can bet they will strut around thinking they are the better, as of course, they are the open minded one.

The thing I find is that it usually fits those on the extreme left. Because of their very liberal views they wander around, patting themselves on their own backs, bragging to the world, that they are in fact open minded because they are so liberal. What they don’t seem to see is that they are just as closed minded as anyone with an extreme view.  When I hear them spout stereotypes about a conservative view which is such an obvious stereotype that I want to hand them a mirror. Take a long look is what I am dying to say. What I usually do is just roll my eyes and meander off.  Left, right or what ever. If someone is so set in their ways they will never allow themselves to really self examine to realize that the world is full of people and we all have our beliefs, thoughts, ideals and prejudices. He are all human. No one is perfect.

Maybe they just need to be a bit more narrow minded to see the bigger picture.

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Somewhere around his 2nd birthday, my sweet, wonderful, lovely, lovable baby turned into a terrible two. He was still underlyingly sweet, but everything turned into a battle. Everything. There was not one thing that he didn’t battle me about. For around a year its been very challenging, to say the least. I had times when I wondered who took my little angel and replaced him with someone else who looked like him.

He is back. Somewhere in the last few weeks something changed. Its like we went into a valley of toddler tantrums and are now heading out into the sunshine. My little man has become as sweet as he could be. The battles are getting fewer and farther between. My sweet darling little boy is back.

He has spent the last few days miserable. Full of cold, ears infected, sore throat and a fever. Even with that, sitting up very very late at night cuddled up with a very poorly little boy, he has been so sweet. Even really ill he has been a joy to be around. He has spent the last two days planted on my lap. Its been a joy, and it really reminds me of his baby days.

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