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My heart goes out to those in Mumbai.

I just can not shake the hurt in my heart for the people who where caught up in that horrible terrorist attack in Mumbai. It has brought back that feeling I had after 9/11. That sadness that the world just sucks. I will never understand just how warped someone needs to be to think that killing people is right. It boggles the mind. So my heart and my prayers go out to Mumbai and all the people who have had this touch them. My heart goes out to the family and friends of those who where killed. My heart goes out to the children who so quickly lost their innocence. India, you are in my thoughts.


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I stayed up until 5:30am this morning. I just couldn’t sleep. I had to know. It was killing me. I paced most of the day. At 4 :02am GMT the announcement came in. Obama has one. Thank God. I burst into tears. I don’t think I have ever been so proud of my country.

It felt like we where standing at a fork in the road. One was the low road. The same direction that McCains campaign went.   Negative. Fearful. Hateful. Angry. Embarrassing. The whole show was so dirty. So low. So disgusting. It makes a person feel they need a shower. The other road was the high road. The road that was about cooperation. Positive outlook. Dignity. Pride. I am so proud that my country chose to take the high road. The last 8 yrs have been such a low. Its mind blowing anyone would want to stay on that low road to no where.

I cant really put into words what I feel. All I can say is Yep, we did it. As Maya Angelou said so wonderfully, America has grown up. I believe her. The future feels bright. I am very happy and more then a little tired.

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I hate getting these forwarded chain letters. I hate them. They make me instantly angry.  “Because I care so much about you and want you to have good fortune, I am sending you this chain letter. If you do not send it on to at least 10 people in 10 mins then bad fortune will follow you. Its because I care that I send you this, see it has a picture of a kitty.”  It makes me want to pull my hair out. If you truly cared you would at least put “chain letter” in the header so I can dump it before I opened it. Then you wouldn’t get the bad luck, and I wont have seen it so I don’t get the bad luck. The stupid thing would then end and hopefully the dumb ass who first decided to send it would just get the bad luck. They deserve it.

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