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I have just started my 8th load of the day. I have been at it since I got up and found that T had wet through his nappy. So bedding was added to the list.

I think that if I was to list the reasons for wanting to move back to the states laundry would be close to the top of the list. Doing laundry in the UK is a nightmare. Each load takes forever. Quick, on our machine, is a least an hour and a half. I have only forgotten to hit the quick button once. Once was enough. 3 hours for one load. Geez, how dirty do they think we are to need to wash our clothes for 3 hours? In any given week I have one basket of towels. You know the size basket. The one you carry the stuff down from upstairs. This one basket must be done in two loads. One load is to much for the machine. Needless to say that I will put off washing something if I can at all help it.

The other thing that I cant stand is that the typical British house has the washing machine in the kitchen. What a nightmare. Most British households do not own a dryer either. We didn’t until I demanded one when we where expecting. The average British house has a line full of clothes hanging in the back garden. No matter what the weather. Clothes flapping in a hurricane. This last week I got up and looked out the back window and could see my neighbors clothes line. It was full of clothes. It was all of 40f outside , if that. The wind was howling. We had downpours of rain, hail, rain. A bit of sun. I still don’t get it. The clothes would be wet through again. I guess its better then the alternative. A house with wet clothes drying in every room. Every radiator has stuff hanging on them. Maidens in every room. No wonder there is mould in the houses here.

Like I said, we have a dryer. It sits next to the fridge that is made to fit under the counter, but we don’t have it under the counter. To use the dryer I have to pull it out and put the hose out the cat flap. This means that my kitchen is pretty much a no go zone on laundry day. There is no room. It makes me feel crazy at times.

So, now that I have done as much laundry as I will do for one day, more then most people probably do for lack of space to dry. I am spent. We have clean towels, clothes, bedding and all the blankets we huddle under in the livingroom are all clean. They all smell fresh. I am just looking forward to having a laundry room. A space out of the way to do how ever much I want. A machine big enough to do a proper load. But most important is Downey. How I miss the smell of Downey.


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