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I have been catching myself lately saying the one British phrase that drives me crazy. I have been ending a sentence with a question. ” They went to the store, didn’t they” ” I was up late, wasn’t I” “He is playing out side, isn’t he”. Even as it comes out of my mouth I cringe. Finishing a sentence like this, as well as the British answer to a statement “oh right” bugs me beyond belief. When did this start to become second nature to me? I also have times when I hear myself saying something the British way… Been. Not ben, the American sound, but Beeeeeeen, the British way. Bri-ish is another one. Even as it comes out of my mouth I am surprised to hear it. I guess after 5 years of being completely immersed into British culture and life some of it has worn off on me.

There are times when the British way makes life so much easier. I am terrible at remembering names. So “My Darling”, “My Love”, “Duck”, “Chuck” comes in very handy. Hello my Love, how are you? Makes my life so much easier and no one realizes that I haven’t a clue as to their name. I had a boss in the states who would of hated this. She would tolerate no endearments. She felt it would lower you in the eyes of the business world, but I don’t think so. Seems to me that it puts people at ease. Best not to call Alan Sugar My Darling, but the buyer at the end of the phone line likes it.


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