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I just looked out my window. My neighbor is busy mowing the lawn. Nothing unusual there, is there?  You would think not, except for her choice of gardening clothing. She is in blue jeans, high heels, heavy cardigan jumper walking across her very wet lawn with a push mower in the light rain. The thing I can’t get my head around is how women live in heels here.  Not just when they are dressed for work in a suit, not just when they are dressed to go out, but everywhere. Barmaids in heels for hours on their feet with beer dripping on them. In the garden. Walking on a trail next to the canal in the mud. You name it, heels are on everywhere. When I ask if their feet hurt, the answer is always yes. I hear how most the women have bunions and warped feet. One of the women at work has feet that are so mishapped that it is nearly repulsive to look at. Like a car accident that you can not look away from. Feet should not look like that. So I am left to try and understand why?  Why would someone, for the sake of fashion, want to ruin their body?


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