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The one thing that has driven me mad living in the UK has been the absolute lack of customer service. I have a really hard time with the check out girl who is to busy picking at her fingers to actually lift one to help pack a grocery bag. Or the person in the coffee shop who argues with me about how I want my coffee made. I even had the manager at the local grocery store yell at me because I had a hand-basket (and pushchair) and not using the kiosk to check out. You feel extra special when they even acknowledge that you walked into their store. I have spent a lot of time telling people how much better customer service is in the state. Its a selling point that every business pushes. Its an odd day out to get bad service in the states. Opposite of my experience here in the UK.

Now imagine my surprise, now that we are in process to move back, to find out that customer service has slipped in the states. Or so it seems. I have tried and tried to get people there to contact me. I have had to do most through emails due to the time difference and having a screaming toddler. But getting anyone to contact me is near impossible. We hear all about the economy in the states and how bad it is, you would think that if someone says that they want to spend money with your company you would jump through hoops. It is really doing my head in. Am I now doomed to bad service for life?


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