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I have come to the conclusion that I must sound like an adult in a Peanuts cartoon. I am sure that when I speak, my son only hears “whaa whaa whaa whaa whaa whaa”. I am pretty sure that is what my husband hears after the first sentence of anything I say. Then, when I get upset that he hasn’t done what I asked of him, saying he cant read my mind, he cant hear what my response is. I don’t like living in a cartoon.


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My poor husband has lived with a cataract for months now. One eye straining to see and over compensate for the other, which only saw a white cloud. He has had nothing but headaches, fatigue, and has been pretty cranky. Who can blame him. Yesterday he had eye surgery. The place was pretty impressive for the NHS. A mobile facility that goes from one place to another doing eye surgery. There was 22 people there yesterday to have surgery in a car park of a leisure centre.

The leisure centre wasn’t to far away, but far enough to not warrant a drive home and then back. Plus, the gal at reception told me that they where not behind and it would only be 2 hrs. Not bad. I had already looked the leisure centre up on line and sussed that they had a soft playground for my son. So, with just a couple of hours to kill, we where off.

I had never been in a leisure centre in the UK before. So its rather hard to describe. Its kind of like a health club of sorts but run by the local council, so its a government thing.  Its not exactly a health club though, sort of like a bit a health club and a rec park, with out the grass, playgrounds and playing fields.  So we went in and they gave me a key to the soft play area. We had to wander through a very dark hallway and through a few locker rooms to find this room. We opened the door and turned on the lights and, well, it was a soft play area. Looked like they used it a bit in the past, and not much anymore. Most of the padded toys and balls where thrown on the floor and it was pretty much just a mess. So I had to pick up a bit. My son, once he figured out what was what, enjoyed himself. We spent a good 40 mins in there.

This would give us enough time to go to a Sainsbury’s and get some coffee at the starbucks then get a few things at the store and then back to get S from the eye surgeon. Unfortunately, the Sainsbury store was half torn up with remodeling. With all the mass Saturday crowd I didn’t bother. So we headed back and hung out in the car for a bit. At about the 2 hr mark we went in to check and found out that S hadn’t even been seen. So we headed out again to wander the town centre. How do you keep a toddler happy for 4 + hrs of waiting? With a new Thomas the Tank Engine train. Works a charm.

When S was finally done they sent him home, after a 4 hr wait for us, with a plastic cup looking thing taped to his face. He could already see better. Color mostly. Lots of color. Today, he is amazed at what he hasn’t seen. So much more to see. I am so glad he has his sight back.

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Yesterday afternoon my husband took our son out for a little walk up the street. When they got back they both started to wash and wax my car. I took this opportunity to call home and speak to my sister. Then pick up the living room. All I could hear out side was squealing and laughter. So I popped my head outside to see my little boy dumping a bucket of water over his head and squealing with laughter. This is the same little boy who gets so upset when I rinse the shampoo out of his hair, was now soaking down to the bone with buckets of water. 🙂 He was drenched and loving it. He then picked up the hose and sprayed his head. I had to get the camera. He was in toddler heaven. His first real taste of all the Summers to come.

I am really enjoying this part of the age. Doing actual kid things. He is turning more and more into a little boy, and no longer a baby. Its fun. Can not wait to see how he grows and what he likes in the future.

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All Summer, here in the Northwest of England, we have been struggling to get to 70f. We have been experiencing a lot of rain, cloudy days, cold weather. British Summer. Yuck. Yesterday and today we hit 70f. Yippee. But I am from California. By now, I am used to it being in the upper 90s. So why am I so HOT? Because it so darn humid. What would be a warm Spring day temp for me is making me feel sticky. There are still clouds overhead so it really keeps the humidity in. Bleh.

It makes me long for a hot, dry heat. The kind of heat that you just step into the shade and the temp drops. The kind of heat I love. Clear sunny hot days with very low humidity. I am counting down the days.

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Preface: My son has had balloons before. He has had helium balloons as well but he was to young and to uninterested so its been a while, say 6 months since he had one. I don’t think he remembers them in person but knows of them because of seeing them on TV shows.

My husband asked me if I wanted to go to B & Q and check out prices on cheap tiles. We may re-tile the bathroom before we sell and just need to get to grips with the prices. So I jump at it. Anything to get out of the house. Plus, I need to stop by the store for bread and milk. Then he adds that we can do a dry run for his eye op on Saturday so we know where it is. I check on line to make sure that there is a store in the town we are headed to. Bingo, a superstore the site says. So off we go.

We find the place that we will be going for the op and then head to B&Q, only to find that its not a superstore, but a dinky store and only a few tiles. Hmmm, not good. So we decide to head to the actual superstore.

What I am not realizing until we are really into this journey how bleeding far this town is that he will have his operation. Really its about 20 miles, but on English roads it always feels so much longer. Then heading back we have another 12 miles to add on to get to the superstore.  Pretty soon my poor little son is getting grumpy, hungry, and his mild cold seems to be really acting up. So we decide to just head to the store and get a precooked chicken and a few things and head home. That just wasn’t going to do as it was getting later and later and we still had to get across town, so we ended up just going to McDonald’s. Not my favorite place by far, but as time is ticking, everyone is getting hungry, and store in England do not stay open late we just bit the bullet.

So here is 1st number one. My lovely little boy who never eats crappy food has his first Happy Meal. I wouldn’t say he all that impressed. He only ate a few bites of the hamburger but enjoyed his fries. He was more impressed with the little girls who where at the next table. I know what he was thinking… if I could get to them I could hug the stuffing out of them.

This leads us to 1st number 2. The manager came out with helium filled balloons. She was asking the little ones what color they want and his eyes where getting huge. He kept saying “loon” and “Geen” and he was thrilled to get a green balloon. Happy boy.

After we got home he was happily playing. Playing meaning he would let the balloon go and it would float to the ceiling and he would climb on his little chair to reach it. This went on for a while until… 1st number 3. Bam or should I say Phfffft. He pulled the plastic stopper out and the balloon soared around the room in a noisy flight. Me bursting into laughter, him bursting into tears. The look of horror. Poor guy didn’t know what happened or why or anything. Lucky enough it hadn’t popped so it could be blown up but not to float away.

So my little man had 3 new things happen today. My husband and I where once again reminded that most things we set off to do end in a huge kerfuffle. I think next time we will just stay home.

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It amazing how much my life has become dependent on computers. I remember a time, not all that long ago really, that I didn’t even have a computer. Now, most everything in my life has a computer twist to it. I met my husband on line. I got my dog on line. We found our car on line. I met friends on line. I communicate with my family on line. We found the home we want to buy on line. We pay our bills on line. We buy groceries on line. I watch missed TV shows on line. 15 yrs ago… maybe even 10 years ago people would of found this so strange. Futuristic. Not possibly true. Pretty much every aspect of my life has the computer involved in it somehow.

So nothing brings my world to a screeching halt faster then when it goes down. It did over the weekend. Talk about the world coming to an end.  Two days with no on line communities to visit. No blog to write in. NO EMAIL. What is a girl to do? I wont say that it was so bad that I got the shakes and shivers of a withdrawing patient in rehab, but boredom soon over took. The house felt much smaller. The world shrank. I seriously do not know how on earth we existed without this global contact. No one feels that far to me when I am on line. Not my family in the US. Not my friend in South Africa. No one is that far away. Just a click of a switch, a click on the mouse and the world is there at my feet. I guess I would have to say, I love my computer.

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Poor baby bird

Late last night we had a “look what the cat dragged in” moment. She brought in a baby bird. I am talking so young that it barely had pen feathers. This poor little barely hatched creature in the mouth of the cat, who looked so smug. Great hunting skills, stupid, the poor thing has no defenses.

So S got the bird from the cat to see that it was still alive. It had a little wound on its neck but it was alive. So we put it in a box to keep it warm. I really thought it would die. I just didn’t want to put it outside, in the cold rain, to suffer until the end. So we kept it warm and locked it safe away in the front hall.

This morning the poor little baby was still alive. S took it out with him when he left and took it to the vet. The vet went ahead and put it down. The little bird was just to young. Had it had another day or two it just may of had a chance, but it was just hatched and to young. I am sure the whole in its neck from the cat wouldn’t of helped. Its such a shame. I hate that cats kill. It is one of the main reasons I am not a cat person.

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