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We had a really lovely day out yesterday. We are both in the mindset that we need to see as much of Britain as we can before we move away. Although S sees it everyday. He likes to try and get me to the nice bits. Yesterday we needed to take Kitty to her new owner. She lives in Cambridge so we met down towards that area. It took us about 2 1/2 hrs to get there, but we where stuck in traffic a bit due to a few accidents. I am sure we would of made it in under 2 hrs. Once again, I am struck at how close everything is in this country. We where only about 70 miles away from London at that point. I still, after all these years, can not get my head around the fact that I am about 3 hrs from London. Even more, I have only been twice.

After that we headed up to Stratford upon Avon. If you remember from history class, its the birth place of William Shakespeare.  It wasn’t exactly what we where expecting. I actually don’t know what we where expecting, but I think it was a small town with some pretty sights to photograph and a nice quiet wander around. At least that is the impression the websites gave. But nope. This is a pretty big town but UK standards. It has a large high street with all the shops that goes along with it. Nice though. And the area was chalker block full of tourist. People from every corner of the world. I will admit, we don’t do that great in mass crowds. For some reason, the city girl in me is long gone. I just feel so claustrophobic when so many people are packed together.

Shakespeares home

Shakespeares home

We had a wander up to the house the Shakespeare was born in. Its a really old, higgly piggly building. But when we looked at the prices to get in, forget it. £9 per adult. £4.50 for T who is too small to know what was going on. (that is $45 for the three of us in US dollars) As ever in the UK, things are over prices for what they are.  It is the biggest disappointment for me. Things I would love to see, but I just know its not worth the money. You hear all about how the museums are free, but I have not seen one yet, unless its a tiny museum in a tiny town that is usually naff. We got our magnet, which we do every place we go, and left.

Shakespears  birthplace

Shakespears birthplace

This is where the day got better. We headed up the back roads through Warwickshire. All the while me thinking how I have never properly pronounced my childhood friends last name ever in my life. The surrounding areas where lovely. The day had gone from rainy to sunny. We drove by, then turned around to go into, Warwickshires oldest church. This was actually the ideal place for my son to have a run around. He needed that energy release.  All the churches, especially the old churches, are also the cemetery. I love these places. They are usually quiet, as in no one around, not in spooks making noise. 😉 When the weather is right its a great place to just be. That was what it was like. We found a little bench on a small knoll and T just ran up and down enjoying himself. I got some great photos. The church was lovely. They even had toilets to use that where really nice. That helped as T decided to dig a hole and his hands where covered in dirt.

Oldest church in Warwichshire

Oldest church in Warwickshire

On our way back we went up through Shropshire. The town of Shrewsbury is really lovely. We have decided that we will have to head back and check it out soon.

We ended up having our tea (dinner for you Americans) in a pub not far from our house. One that I have been to a few times with friends, but hadn’t been able to get S to go to as he isn’t a big fan of pubs, pub grub, or ordering at the bar.  He really enjoyed it. He even said that he would like to go back. I was gobsmacked.

All in all a very lovely day indeed.


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One of the things I think is fantastic here in the UK is parent/child parking spots in car parks. Its something I had only seen once in the states in a brand newly built mall. These spots do not have to be in front of the store as parents are not handicapped, but they are wider spots so we can get the door of the car open and safely get the baby out. It also gives a parent enough room to put the push chair along side of the car, out of the way of moving traffic, and get the baby strapped in.  The fact that you can get the car door open all the way and maneuver into the car enough to get to the baby seat helps beyond belief. The spots are all about safety.

Before I became a parent I had no idea how hard it was to get a child in and out of a car. I had no idea how vulnerable it feels to have your head stuffed into the car and your ass hanging out with no idea who is walking up behind you, all the while fighting a toddler who is not letting you strap him in without a struggle. I remember one time when I had no parent spot to park in, they where all taken, mostly by people without a child, and hand to climb into the backseat of the car with my newborn infant. This was a squeeze between my car and a car that was so close that I could barely fit in. I hurt myself to get in by making sure that I didn’t hurt my child. There was 10 parent spots in this car park, only 2 had child seats in them.

I know how tempting it is to see a spot that looks so convenient, one that is wide enough to get the door open. Please, I am really asking you to stop and think. Do you really need to put yourself so far in front of others who need these spots to keep their children safe?  Just like disabled spots, they are clearly marked. So next time you see one and are tempted, please stop and think about the parents who really need them to keep their children safe.   Thank you.

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Who would of thought that I would have a child who doesn’t like having his photo taken. I love photography. I always thought I would have massive portraits of any child I ever had. I did portraits, children portraits, and glamour portraits for a living when I was younger. Sadly, no. I have more pictures of my son looking down, the back of his head, running away. Just trying to get him to sit still is nearly impossible. In a way, its a bit disappointing. I would of loved a little model. Its just not meant to be.

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This morning, as with most mornings, T threw his arms around my neck and gave me a tight hug. AWWW came out of his little mouth, then he gave me a kiss. This very small act makes me more happy then anything else ever could. I can remember when he was ever so small, just a little bundle in my arms. I would look at his perfect little face, his tiny little hands and stare in disbelief that this perfect baby grew inside of me. He was so sweet and perfect that I would kiss his little cheeks again and again. Now he takes such great joy in kissing mine.

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