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I am new to this whole blogging thing. I have always been cautious about writing anything down. I have always have a feeling that it can and will be used against me at some point. This has happened in the past. Someone has read something that wasn’t for their eyes and made my life hell for it.  So, here I go. I need an outlet. I live a very isolated life. I fear that if I don’t find some form of an outlet I will wither away and no one will even notice. Sad isn’t it.

Today probably wasn’t the best day to start this. Its raining. Whenever it rains I feel so blue I can not function. When the sun comes out, even if its cold, I feel fantastic. This year is the worst since moving to the UK. I think because we had a horrid Summer last year with all the rain that it threw me for a loop. I need a Summer this year. I keep trying to imagine myself in the garden now that T is old enough. He was last year, but all it did was pour. The year before he was to tiny for the heat. I just couldn’t take a chance that he would overheat or something.  So I am holding out that this will be the best Spring/Summer we have had yet. Not to hot, not to rainy. Its only fair as it should be my last Summer here.

So I am off on a Blog adventure. How all this works is beyond me. Who would want to read it is a mystery as well. My life is so boring. I can’t imagine.


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