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What gives?

Ever feel like there is a mass conspiracy out there to ruin everyone lives? I am not big on conspiracy theories but right now I would buy it.  Why is the price of oil so high? The more I see and read the more I believe its the speculators and worlds stock markets. We hear about shortages but I remember what a shortage is like. As a kid we had to que up for gas/petrol. Prices where up and I remember a limit being in place. I even remember odd and even days. There are no lines now. There is plenty to go around. The major oil companies are saying there is no shortage, OPEC is saying there is no shortage. So what gives? Someone out there is making a butt load of money on the backs of working people all over the world.

The only bright spot is that companies that have had their products made over seas in China and what not are now bringing them back home. Its to expensive to ship that far so they are having companies at home do the work. This is the one bit that makes me very happy. In both America and Britain manufacturing jobs have gone. Factories have shut. You can not build a country without manufacturing. Its the building blocks that the sustain the rest of the economy. We need these jobs. So if brings manufacturing back home then there is one massive bright spot in this whole par larva.


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