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We are one step closer to our move. S went to London this last week and had his medical done. They did the typical blood work and chest x-ray. All should be okay. Next step is the interview at the embassy. Nearly 1 year after we started this whole process there is finally light a the end of the tunnel.

The house is that much closer to being on the market. Now that we are this close we are going to really push ourselves to get it listed. My poor son has had most of his toys put away so we can make way through the living room. Funny thing is that he hasn’t even noticed. He seems happier with less toys to choose from. I may be on to something here.

I am really looking forward to starting a new life back in the states. Being closer to my family and having an area that we can live a more outdoor lifestyle will be fantastic. I just got back in touch with my best friend from 5th grade. We haven’t spoken in a decade or there abouts. Looking at pictures of her kids out in the sunshine makes me homesick. They look so happy and healthy living an outdoor lifestyle. It also makes me a bit more motivated to light a fire under us and just go.


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