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Today was a good day. I love good days. For one, the sun came out. We have not seen the sun in a while. Its been on holiday in the Costa del Sol, Spain. We have had about 10 days of rain. Before that it was 2 days of sun and before that… you guessed, rain. Its been cold too. This is not how Summer should feel. The grey gets depressing when you know it should be sunny.

Good thing number two… good haircut. My last haircut, just before our holiday, was horrid. The stylist I have been seeing had quit. She was fantastic and I was really bummed. So I started seeing a gal who was pregnant. She managed to not do anything I asked. I only saw her a couple times. On the last appointment with her I was the last client before she left on maternity leave. Lucky me. She just destroyed my hair. Cut a bit into my fringe (bangs) that shouldn’t of been cut. So it was a mess. Today, I started with another stylist who is fantastic. She fixed all but the fringe. My bob cut is back to a bob. Yippee.

Third good thing today… we went to B&Q. Our toilet has had a leak going into the tank. My wonderful husband got all the parts we needed. Even got the grout to re-grout the tile. Fantastic. This will be done tomorrow.

Fourth good thing. Gardening. My wonderful step daughter hung out with my wonderful son long enough that we got to get the front into some form of shape. We even did a bunch in the back. Its starting to feel like its all coming together.

Number five in the good thing department… we found a home for Kitty. As we are moving back to the US we needed a new home for Kitty. I have belonged to a forum for the past 5 years and one of the lovely ladies will take Kitty. This made my step daughter very happy that we can keep track of Kitty and her life. She had tried to find her a new home for nearly 2 months and no one wanted the cat. When all is said and done, Kitty will be a Northern cat in Cambridge. I just hope no one takes the mick about her Cheshire accent.

So it was a good day all around. No one had a tantrum (namely our toddler) No one got the hump (teens are good at that) and everyone spent the day happy together. You gotta love days like today. 🙂


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I started packing today. One box. Getting some of the stuff out of the way for painting the kitchen. So it has begun. We have so much work ahead of us its not funny, but we are making a dent slowly. Its not as easy with a child. My son, as an only child, requires a lot of attention. I am sure all 2 yr olds are like that, but without another child around I am the only one to interact with. So getting stuff done during the week isn’t as easy. When I sold my home in CA to move to the UK I painted day and night for nearly 2 weeks… felt like it. I only had a pug underfoot, but she just slept, happy that we where back together after 4 months of being apart and living with my sisters family. Every move in life is a diffrent experience. I am just getting excited that we are getting it going for this one.

Here is to new beginings!

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