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What a way to start the day. I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee and Tesco delivered our groceries. What bliss. No crowed store for me. No having to fight crowds. No having to deal with stupid cashiers who take forever just to get you checked out. Nope. This is what I love. Yesterday, I put my order together. Pick a time slot. Today they show up with groceries in hand. What more can a person ask for? This is modern living the way it should be. I just hope this is an option in the states when we move back. At least there they will unload your cart, bag your groceries and take it to your car, then load it in your car. You dont even have to put the cart away and claim back your £ coin. Much harder to complain about shopping when you get that kind of service.


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What an afternoon we had. As it is Easter Friday in the UK , its a holiday. So we went to Matalan to get a few things, mainly a sleep outfit for K for her Easter pressie. She is to big for an egg really. I do feel bad for the kids in the UK for only getting a generic egg. They will never know the joy of getting up on Easter morning to find a large basket filled to the brim with goodies hand delivered from the Easter Bunny. The also don’t get the joy of an Easter egg hunt to find those eggs that they spent all the time coloring. The things I remember from my childhood in the US are so foreign to my husband who grew up here in the UK. He didn’t even have a BBQ in his childhood on Easter. (poor soul)

So after Matalan we went to Tesco. What a bleeding nightmare. The place was a madhouse. Chaos. The shelves where half empty. We couldn’t find all the veg we wanted. What a nightmare. The topper of it was checking out.  The geezer behind the till couldn’t of been any slower. I honestly do not know how a living being could move as slow as he did.  S and I just looked at each other in disbelief. It must of took a good 15 mins just to get through it all. S was snoring at one point. I truly believe that they teach them this at cashier school in the UK. To go as slow as possible. It is a theme that runs here. Lack of customer service still befuddles me.

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