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Wow, two days of sun in a row. Today was super sunny, yesterday it was off and on.  We had a lovely day together again. K and T had fun playing together. S got the toilet fixed. We just relaxed a bit and watched Malcome in the Middle repeats on tv. Even got to let T play outside with the neighbour kids. So lovely to feel the sun.

I was standing outside watching T play and one of the neighbor ladies was telling me she was so hot. It was all of 70f today. I had to laugh. Even the humidity was low. How they would cope in Sacramento when it is 114f? I have to chuckle thinking of it.

Its so nice having sun in England. When the weather is perfect, England is lovely.  I am really hoping that we get more of this sun. Sadly, the weather reports say that rain is coming. Heavy rain and all. So back to more depressing dreary Summer days. I will keep hoping that its only a few days before Summer actually sets in.


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