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Its finally sunny in England. Its been a good two years since I have felt the warmth of Summer. The last two years has been so wet… you couldnt call it Summer.  We have been out in the garden most of the day. All I felt like doing was sitting and baking in the sun. This is not me at all. I have never been a sun worshiper. Never liked sitting out trying to tan when I was a teen. I always like playing in the sun, doing things, but not baking. After so long I just want to curl into a ball and sleep in the sun.

As I sit there feeling the rays on my skin all I can do is wonder if this is it. Will this be the last weekend of sun we have until next year? That is the bit that gets me. The unknown. Its times like this I miss California so much. I miss knowing that next weekend will be sunny. So wil the weekend after that and all the ones for the next few months.


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Here is a little friendly reminder about basic hygiene.  Really, with all the talk of swine flu its a good time to remind people how to be clean and how germs spread.  I don’t care if Swine flu comes to anything or not, flu, colds, and other things, especially food poisoning are here living with us all the time. So stop and take a few moments to remind yourselves, dear reader, that we do live in a modern world with running water and soap. Wash your hands. Say it again. Wash your hands.

I do not know how many times I have seen someone come out of the bathroom stall and open the door, leaving without washing their hands.  You know who you are. Common decency should make you wash your hands.

Then you see the person sitting at a table in public coughing and coughing. Not covering their mouth. I don’t care if you swallowed wrong, smoke to much, or have a cold. Cover your mouth. Then get your lazy arse up and go Wash your  hands.

I have worked with the public on and off in my life. ( I prefer off) I once worked in a Casino in Lake Tahoe when I was young. I sold change for the slot machines. I had this woman hand me a $20 bill and just before she handed it to me she sneezed, using the $20 bill as a tissue, then proceeded to hand it to me.  I can think of several hygiene no nos there. Not to mention the fact that she was a disgusting pig who will forever be burnt into my memory as a disgusting pig.  If slot machines could show you the germs you would be heaving.  If cash tills showed you their filth you would feel ill.

That leads me to money. The most disgusting thing of all. Think about it. If some drops a £1 coin in a toliet at the pub they will fish it out. Then hand it to the bar staff. This then gets distributed. In the UK there is a tradition to hand a £1 to a baby for good luck. Dont. Just dont. I had many a person try and shove a £1 into my tiny baby’s hand. Sweet thought, but money is filthy.  Stop and think and if you are out using money then try and wash your hands.

So my fellow humans. Please have the decency to think of others. If we all think of each other and how to not spread diseases and illnesses then the world would be a better place. Just think of what could happen if you sneeze in your hands and grab a shopping trolley. The next person that uses it could have a lower immune system and become extremely ill. It could be a child that sits there and will put his hands in his mouth, or like my kid, lick the handle. So do stop and think of others. Wash your hands. Carry alcohol gel. If your sick, stay home.

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