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My nearly 3 yr old son is car mad.  For Christmas he got a bunch of the Characters from Cars, his favorite movie. He was so excited. Played all day.

So it came time for bed. We went through the nightly routine. We head upstairs for bed and I notice he has his hand on his tummy. No matter what he keeps his hand on his tummy. Hmmm. So I go in for a feel, it doesn’t feel like tummy. 😉  Cheeky little monkey was trying to sneak Lightning McQueen into bed with him. This is a first.  “You cant take a car to bed” I tell him. He has a look on his face like he is in trouble, hands the car to me. I then burst out laughing. He is so funny, and so car mad.

His new thing is to lay on his back under his tricycle like a mechanic fixing a car. He uses a laundry clip as a spanner. He will spend a half hour fixing his car… uh bike this way.


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I have to admit that most of my adult life I have hated Christmas. It always felt like the world was rubbing my nose in the fact that I was single. I didn’t get married until I was I was 35, so I spent many years watching everyone else have “family fun” or telling me that I should be the one to work on Christmas eve  because they have family events and I don’t. So Christmas was never fun. It always felt to expensive. A bit depressing. In my entire adult life I only ever put up one tree, until I move to England.

Now my son is close to 3 and he has discovered Mimiss, that’s Christmas to the rest of us. He loves the Mimiss lights. He loves the Mimiss cards on the wall. He loves the Mimiss tree. The tree that I put whilst he was in nursery as fast as I could so he wouldn’t be into the ornaments. The tree that I threatened to take down if he so much touched, and he hasn’t touched it. He loves the tree. Wait until Christmas morning when he discovers presents. 🙂  Last year he just looked at us like we where crazy to destroy unwrap presents. He didn’t like it at all.

Okay, I get it now. I understand why everyone goes crazy over Christmas. To see it through your child’s eyes makes it fun.

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Somewhere around his 2nd birthday, my sweet, wonderful, lovely, lovable baby turned into a terrible two. He was still underlyingly sweet, but everything turned into a battle. Everything. There was not one thing that he didn’t battle me about. For around a year its been very challenging, to say the least. I had times when I wondered who took my little angel and replaced him with someone else who looked like him.

He is back. Somewhere in the last few weeks something changed. Its like we went into a valley of toddler tantrums and are now heading out into the sunshine. My little man has become as sweet as he could be. The battles are getting fewer and farther between. My sweet darling little boy is back.

He has spent the last few days miserable. Full of cold, ears infected, sore throat and a fever. Even with that, sitting up very very late at night cuddled up with a very poorly little boy, he has been so sweet. Even really ill he has been a joy to be around. He has spent the last two days planted on my lap. Its been a joy, and it really reminds me of his baby days.

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We had planned a day out for last week a few weeks ago. We decided to head to the Peak District here in the UK. S took a day off work. We had high hopes for a fun day seeing the sights. Luckily, the day we planned was on the same day of the week that I take my son to a toddler play time at the leisure centre. We figured an hour play would get his energy out and give us a more peaceful drive through the countryside. Besides, S never gets to see him play with the other kids as he is at work. So we went, and my son had his usual fun time running, playing on the little cars, and general toddler play. I keep a really close eye on him as he has a hugging thing and can over hug other children, but he didn’t hug anyone. Then the weirdness started. There was a younger woman there, firmly ensconced with her circle of other younger mothers. We noticed at one point this woman jumped up and pushed this little kid and jumped just as quickly back in her seat. My husband and I just looked at each other.. odd. Must be her kid. Then my son went and touched her son. She was up like a shot. Just before she pushed my son she saw me, stopped, and just snidely said “tell him to not to touch”. Yeah, tell a 2 year old not to touch, right. So I moved my son along. Then it happened again, my son touched this little boys shoulder. She was up again just about ready to push my son. This time she was all glares and very angry. “keep him away”.  By the third time of her trying to get to my son to push him away I had had enough. I looked at my husband and said “that is that, lets go” My husband at this point was biting his tongue and just shooting her dirty looks. I am sure that if my son touched hers again she would of hit me. That is how weird she was acting.

So we pile in the car and off we go. We had a nice drive to the Peaks. Lovely views. Stopped for photo ops. Just had a nice drive. We drove into a town called Buxton. Very cute. Its an old spa town. The types that the rich Victorians would go to and be healed by the waters. My husband drove up to the back of the town and on a one lane, one way street we started looking for parking. As quick as can be, and SUV started backing up. We had to slam on the brakes. “Cool, parking” I said. Because this SUV had shot back so quick we needed to back up to let them out. Didn’t have a lot of room as the SUV behind us had to slam on their brakes as well, but S backed up a bit. Just then, the car behind us started honking and flashing its lights. We stopped, didn’t think to much and the SUV pulled out of the spot and we pulled in. The car behind us kept honking, flashing its lights and I noticed that the woman in this SUV was getting out of the car screaming. What the heck? So S rolls his window down and this woman is screaming every obscenity known and telling us that another woman, parked on the sidewalk/pavement, and not in the car, was waiting for that spot. How this woman knew what was going on in front of us, or in the mind of the woman parked on the curb, is still a mystery. But she was really angry. Red faced. Screaming. Man, I should of taken her picture to post. I had my camera in my hands. Next time, I will be photographing and posting to be sure. After a few mins of exchange between them, she drives off. I had S go ask the woman if she was waiting for the spot. She said yes, but she hadnt been in her car at the time. What ever! So I made him find another spot.

Buxton is a nice town. We had a wonder around. Just in town the heavens opened. I mean it was pouring. We ducked into a cafe for lunch.  One again, I am let down by the food we are served in the UK. We decided to get full English breakfast. I usually don’t go for that, but I know that my son loves sausages and would eat most of it with me.  One scrambled egg, barely cooked through, one small sausage, one fatty piece of English Bacon, one piece of toast, half a grilled tomato and a spoon of beans. Two of these and two pots of tea… £12. That is close to $24. We always feel so ripped off eating here. We wouldn’t of stopped but for the rain.

We left the area and had a nice drive. We went through hill and valleys and villages and towns. We drove through Bakewell, Edale, Eyam and a few more. We saw the Blue John Mine. We decided to get out and wander around Castleton. This is an area that my husband used to go to the youth hostel and stay when he was young. There are tourists wandering everywhere and we figured there must be some cute stores. So he decided to drive up the road, no parking but a great view. Just a lovely stretch of valley. I was looking at the view, trying to decide if it was worth stopping for a photo, when a movement caught my eye. This young woman was yelling at me. “What the F you looking at?” What? I wasn’t even looking at her. With all the tourist around, I didn’t even pay attention that people where around. She was F’in and Jeff’in and glaring. Talk about a chip on her shoulder. We drove on, found parking and wandered around. But that woman had ruined it for me. I just wanted to leave. Actually, all three horrible women had put a damper on a day that I was really looking forward to. I was ready to go home.

If, in the future, I have my camera and people behave like that, I will be photographing. I swear I will start a new blog so people around the world can add horrible people, their stories and their pictures. So next time you want to behave so poorly and have road rage or any other kind of rage, you better be prepared to be shown to the public in all your glory.

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I have come to the conclusion that I must sound like an adult in a Peanuts cartoon. I am sure that when I speak, my son only hears “whaa whaa whaa whaa whaa whaa”. I am pretty sure that is what my husband hears after the first sentence of anything I say. Then, when I get upset that he hasn’t done what I asked of him, saying he cant read my mind, he cant hear what my response is. I don’t like living in a cartoon.

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My poor husband has lived with a cataract for months now. One eye straining to see and over compensate for the other, which only saw a white cloud. He has had nothing but headaches, fatigue, and has been pretty cranky. Who can blame him. Yesterday he had eye surgery. The place was pretty impressive for the NHS. A mobile facility that goes from one place to another doing eye surgery. There was 22 people there yesterday to have surgery in a car park of a leisure centre.

The leisure centre wasn’t to far away, but far enough to not warrant a drive home and then back. Plus, the gal at reception told me that they where not behind and it would only be 2 hrs. Not bad. I had already looked the leisure centre up on line and sussed that they had a soft playground for my son. So, with just a couple of hours to kill, we where off.

I had never been in a leisure centre in the UK before. So its rather hard to describe. Its kind of like a health club of sorts but run by the local council, so its a government thing.  Its not exactly a health club though, sort of like a bit a health club and a rec park, with out the grass, playgrounds and playing fields.  So we went in and they gave me a key to the soft play area. We had to wander through a very dark hallway and through a few locker rooms to find this room. We opened the door and turned on the lights and, well, it was a soft play area. Looked like they used it a bit in the past, and not much anymore. Most of the padded toys and balls where thrown on the floor and it was pretty much just a mess. So I had to pick up a bit. My son, once he figured out what was what, enjoyed himself. We spent a good 40 mins in there.

This would give us enough time to go to a Sainsbury’s and get some coffee at the starbucks then get a few things at the store and then back to get S from the eye surgeon. Unfortunately, the Sainsbury store was half torn up with remodeling. With all the mass Saturday crowd I didn’t bother. So we headed back and hung out in the car for a bit. At about the 2 hr mark we went in to check and found out that S hadn’t even been seen. So we headed out again to wander the town centre. How do you keep a toddler happy for 4 + hrs of waiting? With a new Thomas the Tank Engine train. Works a charm.

When S was finally done they sent him home, after a 4 hr wait for us, with a plastic cup looking thing taped to his face. He could already see better. Color mostly. Lots of color. Today, he is amazed at what he hasn’t seen. So much more to see. I am so glad he has his sight back.

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Yesterday afternoon my husband took our son out for a little walk up the street. When they got back they both started to wash and wax my car. I took this opportunity to call home and speak to my sister. Then pick up the living room. All I could hear out side was squealing and laughter. So I popped my head outside to see my little boy dumping a bucket of water over his head and squealing with laughter. This is the same little boy who gets so upset when I rinse the shampoo out of his hair, was now soaking down to the bone with buckets of water. 🙂 He was drenched and loving it. He then picked up the hose and sprayed his head. I had to get the camera. He was in toddler heaven. His first real taste of all the Summers to come.

I am really enjoying this part of the age. Doing actual kid things. He is turning more and more into a little boy, and no longer a baby. Its fun. Can not wait to see how he grows and what he likes in the future.

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