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I am in LOVE!

I admit it. I am a die hard coffee drinker. Always have been. My drink of choice? Vanilla decaf, low fat, heavy heavy foam latte.  Really any creamy frothy coffee. Okay, any coffee will do. Hell, I even enjoy the instant crap that the Brits think is real coffee here in England. Yep, turn on the kettle, and instant cuppa. I love coffee but…

I have found a new love. Rooibos tea.



There is something addictive about it because I can not get enough. No caffeine, high in anti oxidants. Not a black tea, but not sure if it is considered herbal. No matter how long it stews in the pot it doesn’t go bitter.

I will admit that the first few cups I was unsure. This is a very different taste from my normal cuppa. Mild, no bitterness. So I gave it a few days. It grew on me. Either that, or they add something to it. I now am choosing it over coffee. Who would of ever thought. I will say this, I am feeling better for it.  Go on, give it a go.


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