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I have suffered on and off for years with a Hiatal¬† Hernia . Such intense stomach pain. So many nights I have wondered if I was having a heart attack. My esophagus in spasms. Never, ever feeling well. How many days, weeks, months, or years would it total up feeling so horrible. I have lived on stomach pills for years to keep the acid at bay. All the doctors say is that the ring at the bottom of my stomach isn’t closing properly and its letting everything come back up. Major surgery was about all they could do. Oh, loose weight. Yeah, I need to lose weight. Who doesn’t. Its hard to think diet when you cant eat anything anyways except the odd piece of toast. You haven’t slept more who knows how long so you have no energy. Grrr.

Desperate I searched the web for anything that might help me. Something caught my eye. Just a blurb really. Something I had in the fridge? It couldn’t possibly be so simple. Could it? An Apple. A red apple? What the hell, I would try anything at that point.

So every night I would have an apple. When my stomach started burning I would eat an apple too. I could feel it cool down. It seemed to be working.  I started eating more fruit in general but always with a red apple in it. My lunch now consists of a bowl of cut up fruit with cottage cheese.

Now I am not going to say this is a cure. I know its not. All I know is that the only time I have to take my stomach medicine is when we are having a spicy meal. For some reason its working for me. Its been about 4 or 5 months now and I can tell a major difference. My husband notices to. I am not telling him I unwell. I have energy. I haven’t felt like I was having a heart attack in a while now. Who would of thought that an apple would change my life.

*I am not a doctor. I am not trying to sell you anything. I just thought that if it could help someone else like it has helped me then I had to blog it. Good luck to those who are searching for some relief.


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